About Avi

Avi started her lolita journey back in high school in 2001, when she discovered the fashion through her new love of Visual Kei. She made friends with similar interests that introduced her to publications such as FRUiTS and Gothic & Lolita Bible. She would start collecting these publications and made some sad attempts at j-fashion in high school, but wouldn't start wearing lolita until post-schooling around 2007. After purchasing her first JSK from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright off a friend, she's been hooked on the fashion ever since. She has watched lolita trends come and go over the course of time, but still feels a strong attachment to the lolita of the 00's that she originally fell in love with in her youth, nostalgic for the era of old GLB snaps and the looks sported by Momoko in Kamikaze Girls. While she isn't strictly an Old School lolita, she's very happy that lolitas today have a newfound appreciation for the lolita of the past that was worn as the street fashion it is meant to be. For her, that is the ideal lolita.


Lolita Styles: Gothic, Sweet, and Old School

Video Games: Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and BoTW

Music: Kpop, Synthwave, and Citypop

Movies: Kamikaze Girls, Pan's Labyrinth, and Hocus Pocus

Food: Curry, ramen, and kbbq

Places: Disneyland, Little Tokyo, and haunted buildings